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Preparing For Hurricane Mathew!

Hurricane Matthew: It's not too late to prepare for the aftermath

Here are five few tips from Brahmbhatt to ensure your health and safety pre and post hurricane:

1. Stock up on medications and medical supplies

You should have seven days of medications ready to go, according to Brahmbhatt. Stock up on syringes and supplies you may need to take your medication.

"Check your oxygen tanks, hearing aid batteries, CPAP machines or anything that may require power or energy you use daily for your health," Brahmbhatt said.

2. Be careful about what you eat

If the power goes out for four hours or longer, be careful about eating anything that needs to be refrigerated, according to Brahmbhatt. It's best to have three or more days of nonperishable canned food on hand.

"And don’t forget the can opener," Brahmbhatt said.

3. Stock up on bottled water

Use boiled or bottled water until you are sure that tap water is not contaminated. Brahmbhatt said when it comes to clean water, you can't have enough.

Aim for having at least three days of stored water.

4. Avoid using generators in doors

Never use a generator in an enclosed space or indoors, and that includes garages.Generators produce carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless and, tasteless, poisonous gas.

5. It may seem like a no-brainer, but have a First Aid kit ready to go

You may not need a First-Aid kit, but you'll be happy your kit is well-stocked if something happens. Double check that you have everything you need, or get one.

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