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15 Stunning Dining Rooms That'll Make You Want to Entertain Every Weekend


It's time we bring some love back into the dining area! With the kitchen being the center of the home for most, it's so easy to end up mainly focusing on that area when it comes to redecorating. BUT, always remember... a good meal deserves to be dined in the best of environments! I love that this article from Good Housekeeping makes it clear that the dining room is styled around the table. The table sets the tone for the rest of the design notes. You'll get a feel for that from the favorite designs I pulled below.

Create a farm-to-table nook.

Your breakfast table gets extra charming with the combination of metal bistro-style chairs and farm-style vintage seating.


Cozy up dinner with a sectional.

Fill a kitchen corner with a low profile couch (look for one covered in an easy-to-clean fabric like Sunbrella), then nestle in a square table. Genius!


Add a rustic wooden log.

Tone down an ornate heirloom table with a knotted wood plank. Top with a plush cushion or a pillow for added comfort.


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