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40 Garden-Fresh Vegetable Recipes


I'm feeling great! Fresh is most definitely better. After eating right, sleeping more, and taking my juice plus vitamins, I can feel a dramatic change over the past few weeks. I have more energy, I don't have heartburn or nausea after meals, and I feel more positive than ever.

Mind. Body. Soul.

With my new lifestyle diet, I have been exploring more fresh veggie recipes. I came across these 40 Garden-Fresh vegetable Recipes and couldn't wait to give them a try. Homemade pickled

beans, napa cabbage spring rolls, roasted carrots, fresh taco salad...need I say more? You have to give these a try.

Eating healthy isn't as hard as we like to make it seem. In all honesty, it is quite fun. Let me know what you think of these recipes.

I'm on a mission to try them all!

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