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Hurricane Irma Relief Donations

The devastation of the hurricane has continued to grow. Families without homes, running low on money, living with the clothes they have on their backs. I have reached out to a few schools in Key Largo and Tavernier to see what is really needed for our neighbors. Yes, there is FEMA and yes there is the foundations, but it will take weeks before their application is viewed and considered.

I received a list from someone who said I need food for my three kids. I haven’t worked in weeks and I am a single mother. Almost every letter said we need clothes and food. Another was living in a tent behind her destroyed home with her two children, she was asking for uniforms because they lost everything. All I could think of last night while it rained that poor mother and her children. Another started a new job, rented an apartment and her employer has not opened since the storm and she has no money for rent. I have personally paid rent for a few.

The team of Russell Post Sotheby’s are sponsoring families and supplying them with immediate necessities. I know many are talking about putting together fundraisers, but these people can’t wait. They need it now!!! Each and every one of you, please join us and sponsor a family. I can get lists from Key Largo, PKS and Coral Shores Schools. You can donate direct to the school or I can take items down.

FYI a few of the teachers have lost everything but are still showing up to work and teaching and molding our children for the future.

Gift cards can be sent direct to:

Plantation Keys School

100 Lake Road

Tavernier, Florida 33070

They will distribute between the three schools.

The Ocean Reef Community Foundation is also contributing to great amounts of donations.

Donate today to join in on their Matching Initiative!

Every dollar donated will be matched by the foundation!

Make Checks Payable To: Ocean Reef Community Foundation

Memo: Monroe County Hurricane Relief Fund

Drop Off: 200 Anchor Drive, Key Largo Florida (ATT: Yuri)

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