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A Valentine's Breakfast That's Sure To Impress

Planning A Romantic Valentines Day?

Nothing says, "I love you!" like a home cooked meal. Better yet, a home cooked breakfast made with love on a special day dedicated to love. I enjoy showing my husband how much I appreciate him and everything he does, and after over 30 years of marriage, I still think like to think of creative ways to do exactly that.

In search of how to spoil him on Valentine's Day, I came across a couple of sweet (and savory) breakfast ideas that I'm sure he'll enjoy. Who doesn't love stick sweet pecan-caramel rolls and buttermilk pancakes with a berry compote. Yes, I would definitely made both! Of course, for my health nut followers who love a health conscious can still sweeten your morning with the beautifully prepared breakfast bowl that comes topped with fresh fruit and homemade granola.

As always, get creative and make any recipe your own!

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